Have you ever Dreamed of Living on an Island?


Here is your chance. The Island of Montreal is the largest city in Quebec province in Canada and is an Island situated between Saint Lawrence River and Ottawa River.

However Island of Montreal home to 4 universities is not as hot in temperature as a Caribbean Island, but people coming from all around the world bringing their diversity, color, religion, and culture make the Island of Montreal as lively and warm as a Caribbean Island. The city is filled with Artist, Theaters, Concerts, Operas, Ballet, Children’s activities, Festivals, Natural Beauty, and must mention a biker friendly city.  You can walk or hike on the triple hill situated directly in the middle of the city and many more things are sure to warm a single person or a family life. An Island you just might fall in love with and never leave, like so many of us.

The most important thing to do when you get to Montreal is deciding where to live.

Montreal has It all depends on your lifestyle below are some of the boroughs closest to downtown Montreal.

Here is Montreal in two minutes





Downtown Montreal – Full of Life

Downtown Montreal is full of life and happenings and it is for people looking for a vibrant life full of activities any time of the day or night all year round.

Besides festivals and activities, downtown Montreal is within walking distances to three universities safe environment, blend of races and cultures, shopping underground tunnels, easy access to transportation everywhere and it is only 15 walk to Mont-royal hiking trail Castor lake, and an amazing view of the whole Montreal.

Downtown is mostly made of condominiums buildings, rental apartments, townhouses and single houses.

If you want to be within walking distance to universities, museums, art galleries, festivals, diverse cultures, shops and many restaurants that contribute to its vibrant energy and joie de vivre, then downtown is a great place to live.

Montreal_-_QC_-_Skyline 2


Plateau Mont Royal – Trendy

The Plateau is situated between Mont-Royal and parc La fountain. Here you’ll find  predominantly francophone community  featuring a broad and diverse range and sources of style and taste, a mix of artists, students, and young families

Very popular neighborhood for Europeans and artists, and at the same time great residential area with the loveliest Victorian houses with wide porches, metal stairs, duplexes and manicured gardens and Gothic towers, great architectural facades and balconies.

Plateau-mont royal-trendy


Westmount – Upscale

Residential and traditionally inhabited by wealthy families. Westmount has been seen as a stronghold of the Montreal upper class. Extravagant manors, boutiques, fine dining, and parks, which are ideal for families with high expectations and expensive taste. Exclusive and steep prices of living in Westmount definitely match the quality of life, with its spotless streets, private schools, beautiful parks and general upkeep etc.



St- Henri & Griffin Town – Rejuvenated and Upcoming

Located in the South West of the city’s downtown core, this area is fast becoming a trendy spot.

One of the fastest growing area of Montreal in terms of a large condominium housing

project that began in mid-2013. The project is aimed at allowing young professional families

to obtain homes closer to the downtown’s central elements: the business district and

the international district still steps away to old Montreal and downtown.

Saint Henri and Canal


Town of Mount-Royal, Hampstead, NDG – Quiet and Residential

Family oriented with lots of schools and parks, There is a mixture of architectural styles

within theses areas, with a blend of older charming elegance and some new and modern houses

with streets lined with mature trees. Mixture of middle to upper classes

and mid to high-level income, and diversified neighborhoods.

NDG area pics

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